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    The Top 5 Ice-Cream Shops in Milan

    Discover the best places in Milan to enjoy some authentic gelato after a day of sightseeing!

    by Federica on

    The Top 5 Ice-Cream Shops in Milan

    Milan, the fashion capital of Italy, is not just about haute couture and architectural splendor—it's also a paradise for gelato lovers. With a plethora of gelaterie scattered throughout the city, each offering its own tantalizing array of flavors, navigating the gelato scene in Milan can feel like embarking on a delicious treasure hunt. Whether you're craving a scoop of traditional stracciatella or eager to try a daring flavor combination, Milan's gelaterie promise to delight your taste buds and leave you craving for more!

    Gnomo Gelato

    Via Cherubini 3

    Gnomo Gelato is perfect for ice-cream lovers. Its offers both classic and original flavors, such as matcha tea, orange with ginger and turmeric, pistachio and custard. This gelateria is renowned for the high quality of its ingredients and artisanal methods!

    Ciacco Lab

    Via Spadari 13

    The motto of Ciacco Lab is "Senz'altro" ("Without anything else"). Why? Well, because they don't use natural or artificial additives, and the ingredients are locally sourced according to the principles of biodiversity. Here you will find mouth-wathering gelato made with innovative techniques!

    Avgvsto Premiata Gelateria

    Viale Coni Zugna 54

    Stop by at the Avgvsto Premiata Gelateria to taste delicious seasonal flavors, such as fig, Sicilian-style cream and pistachio. T


    Via Lambertenghi 15 / Via Dogana 1 Zona Duomo / Via Bergognone 27 / Via Pacini 17

    Artico won the Three Cones title by Gambero Rosso, marking it as one among the best gelaterie in Milan. Its signature flavor is pistachio, which is sold in three variations: sweet, salty and vegan. You can choose between four shops scattered around the city: you can't miss it!

    Gelateria Paganelli

    Via Adda 3

    The Gelateria Paganelli was opened in 1930, making it one of the oldest in Milan. Here you will find special flavors, such as olive oil and cream with saffron. A real treat for the most adventurous ice-cream enthusiasts!

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